SafeLives' response to the case of Jodie Turner

28th April 2017

The shocking case of Jodie Turner reminds us that domestic abuse can happen to anyone, at any age. The abuse that Jodie suffered at the hands of Callum Wareing followed a pattern that is sadly all too common: controlling behaviour followed by escalating physical and emotional abuse. 

The comments from the defence that the relationship had been "mismanaged by both parties" and "toxic" demonstrates a lack of understanding around the dynamics of domestic abuse. This is not some sort of difficult or dramatic young love. Put simply - he chose to physically and emotionally abuse her. She is entirely blameless. 

We need greater public awareness and training about the control and coercion that lies behind abusive relationships, and the steps that must be taken to protect the victim of abuse. 

All our thoughts are with Jodie. We hope she can now get the support she needs to rebuild her life.