Our impact: Seeing the Whole Picture

Our goal is to end domestic abuse for everyone and for good. Our latest impact report focuses on the ambitions outlined in our Whole Picture Strategy; delivering what you would want for your best friend through four strategic priorities. 

Our Strategic Priorities

1. Act before someone harms or is harmed

2. Identify and stop harmful behaviour

3. Increase safety for those at risk

4. Support people to live the lives they want after harm occurs

The 2018/19 impact report reflects these ambitions and what we have done to make them a reality – to end domestic abuse, for good.

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We can't do any of this alone. Our impact is only made possible due to the determination and expertise of the survivors, services, funders, partners and policymakers we work alongside every day. We thank every single person and organisation who has made progress possible and who believes that one day we will be free from domestic abuse and its devastating impact.