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What you can expect

In the third of our Spotlights series (end of Jan - end of March), we’ll be focusing on the experiences of young people (13 to 17 years) affected by domestic abuse and the professionals who support them. We’ll be answering questions such as: how can professionals adapt to meet the needs of young people? How does a young person’s experience of domestic abuse differ to an adult’s? What are the best ways to support young people who harm without criminalising them?

Through a combination of blogs, short films and podcasts, we’ll be posting the latest research, practical resources for professionals, practitioner advice/guidance and talking to young people about their experiences. 

Read the report

Our policy report, Safe Young Lives, brings together the expertise of survivors, professionals, academics and SafeLives Insights data. It includes recommendations for professionals and policymakers, to improve the response to young people experiencing domestic abuse.

If you would like to reference this report, please use the following: SafeLives (2017) Safe Young Lives: Young people and domestic abuse.







Watch the video: Supporting young people in abusive relationships

Watch the video: Assessing the risks that young people face

Watch the video: An interview with Professor David Gadd – Understanding young people who harm

Watch the video: An interview with Dr Christine Barter – Abuse in young people's relationships

Watch the video: Voices Unheard – LGBT young people's experiences of domestic abuse

Watch the webinar: Young people affected by intimate partner abuse, Viv Bickham, SafeLives

Watch the video: Using motivational interviewing with young people who harm

Watch the video: Teaching young people about healthy relationships with Equation


Blog: Di Hunter and Nicola McConnell, NSPCC – Preventing further harm to children from domestic abuse

Blog: Dr Kat Ford on living with domestic abuse as ACEs (adverse childhood experiences)

Blog: Helping Ella - How Insights data helped us create a better service for the whole family 

Blog: Dr Christine Barter – violence in young people's relationships (reflections on two serious case reviews)

Blog: Young people at risk – online intimate abuse and coercive control

Blog: Janice Stevenson – Young LGBT people's experiences of domestic abuse

Blog: A day in the life of a Young person's violence advisor

Blog: Jill Prodenchuk – Top tips: Asking the question

Blog: Amna Abdullatif – Why education is important for understanding domestic abuse

Blog: Claire Amans – Working with young people in abusive relationships, and how it's different to helping adults

Blog: Jo Sharpen – A trauma informed response for working with young people affected by domestic abuse

Stories from Young Survivors

"He just changed. I blamed myself for a long time thinking it was my fault"

– Jenny's Story

"I thought he was going to kill me"

 Jill's Story

"The difference it made to me is massive, I would still be on rock bottom now, hurt or a lot worse"

 Holly's Story

"It’s like I have a weight off my shoulders. I feel like I talk about the abuse more, and most importantly I feel safe and confident"

 Carrie's Story

"The more time I spent with him, the more controlling he became, and the more he thought he could stop me doing things"


"The physical assaults were mostly from my oldest brother who felt I should respect him and my parents and do everything they wanted me to do, even if I didn’t want to do it"

 Nisha's Story

"That isn't love, it's torture, and nobody deserves that"

– Chantelle's Story

"I hated it, but I still loved him and I didn’t know what he was doing to me was wrong"

– Katie's Story



Here you'll find the SafeLives resources on working with young people, as well as those shared by our expert partners in this Spotlight: Resources for supporting young people.


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