Support and Wellbeing Group Sessions

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Feedback from our colleagues working on the frontline has highlighted the increased pressures specialist domestic abuse and sexual violence services are facing during this second wave and lockdown. Workloads have not only increased but in many cases the complexity and level of violence has also increased. Additional pressures of home schooling, having to work from home and a loss of normal coping strategies mean there is greater risk of low morale, stress and anxiety. 

SafeLives wants to ensure we are agile and responsive to this crisis and as part of our ‘Staying Safe at Home’ response to the pandemic we have been able to secure some additional funding from the Home Office to provide a support and wellbeing offer to frontline domestic abuse and sexual violence practitioners in England and Wales. We hope to increase resilience and morale at a time of immense pressure, enabling services to remain available and sustainable for clients.

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The 1:1 supervision will be offered based on need identified through the support and wellbeing groups. More detail on resilience self help tool offer will be available in the next few weeks. The two hour support and wellbeing groups will be for for up to 10 participants. These will provide a safe and reflective space with practical tools to support wellbeing and resilience.

Aim of the groups:

To increase resilience and morale at a time of immense pressure 

About the groups: 

  • A 2 hour session with groups of up to 10 
  • Facilitated by a SafeLives staff member and an Associate 
  • A safe, confidential and reflective space to discuss the current challenges with peers 
  • Practical tools will be provided including grounding techniques and wellbeing approaches

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Who can attend? 

Any staff member working for a frontline Domestic Abuse or Sexual Violence charity based in the England and Wales  

How do I book? 

You can book online for yourself and/or a team member here: Support and Wellbeing Session Registration 

How many sessions will you be running? 

We will run up to 8 sessions per week from 1st February through to end of March with the option of increasing the number of sessions depending on levels of demand. 

Can I attend more than one session? 

Each session is a one off and will provide an opportunity to reflect and take away practical tools to support your wellbeing.

Up to 2 people from your team can sign up per session - so your whole team will be able to attend a session, just two at a time. 

How will places is be allocated? 

Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Practitioners may be allocated a group according to their role to ensure the most appropriate response is offered. 

How can I find out more? 

If you would like any further information or have questions about the sessions please get in touch with our practice team via info@safelives.org.uk 


Sign up for a Support and Wellbeing Session here