The housing sector has a vital role to play in tackling domestic abuse

16th April 2018

Recent research by national domestic abuse charity SafeLives and housing association Gentoo finds that housing providers have a vital role to play in helping victims of domestic abuse and holding perpetrators to account.

Every year, nearly 2 million people in the UK experience domestic abuse. Seven women a month are killed by a current or former partner in England and Wales.

Today, SafeLives and Gentoo, launch a report that demonstrates the vital role housing providers can play in tackling domestic abuse. Investment and training means housing providers can identify domestic abuse earlier, and work with police to hold perpetrators to account.  This not only reduces the impact and suffering on the victims and their families but it also makes financial sense for the housing provider.

By including perpetration of abuse as a breach of tenancy, housing providers can take a proactive role in holding perpetrators to account for their actions: holding them responsible for the damage they cause to the victims and their property, and potentially even evicting them from the home. 

Housing providers can also play a role in raising awareness and understanding of the dynamics of abuse amongst staff and customers, allowing early identification of properties where abuse is present, so safety measures can be put in place and staying at home can remain a safe and realistic option for more victims.

At a time when the Government are leading a public consultation to transform the response to domestic abuse, it is vital we look at the role housing can play in supporting families much earlier.

Michelle Meldrum, Executive Director, Gentoo Operations said:

“At Gentoo we are committed to influencing and challenging the housing sector’s response to domestic abuse. We do this through sharing best practice and through the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance, of which Gentoo are cofounders. DAHA’s mission is to improve the sector’s response to domestic abuse.

"Housing providers are in a unique position to be able to identify abuse and support victims. Gentoo has trained our front-line teams to be able to spot the signs of abuse and have number of victim support officers who offer specialist support – there is no doubt that this saves lives.

"By working closely with SafeLives to produce this important piece of research we have been able to develop a strong business case, helping us to get this important message out to the sector. This piece of research really has helped us to demonstrate why it is so important for all housing providers to tackle domestic abuse in all forms. It really is the right thing to do.”

SafeLives Chief Executive, Suzanne Jacob said:

“All too often we hear people asking “Why doesn’t she just leave?” Which in practice means why doesn’t she just leave her home – uprooting her and her children, risking disruption to education and relationships with friends and family, a sense of normality.

"We must flip the narrative, focusing on the behaviour of the perpetrator and challenging them to change. A good housing response can help this happen.

“We often hear domestic abuse described as ‘hidden’ due to it largely being perpetrated at home. But housing providers are in a unique position to work with other agencies, including the police, to identify abuse and disrupt perpetrator behaviour as quickly as possible.

“Everyone deserves somewhere safe to call home. We must work together to ensure this is possible.”

As well as improving the safety of victims and children, an improved housing response to domestic abuse will have positive financial implications. Currently, nearly a fifth of all repair costs experienced by Gentoo are related to domestic abuse, with the average cost of repairs at households with domestic abuse coming to £1,200 (compared to £860 as the average cost for all properties).

There is only one person responsible for abuse – the perpetrator. If we don’t tackle the root cause of the problem we leave the door open for repeat behaviour, leading to further harm for victims and children, as well as further costs to the housing provider.

Read the full report

About SafeLives

We are a national charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse, for good. We combine insight from services, survivors and statistics to support people to become safe, well and rebuild their lives. Since 2005, SafeLives has worked with organisations across the country to transform the response to domestic abuse, with over 60,000 victims at highest risk of murder or serious harm now receiving co-ordinated support annually because of the interventions we designed and rolled out. 

No one should live in fear. It is not acceptable, not inevitable, and together – we can make it stop.  

Every year, nearly two million people experience domestic abuse. For every person being abused, there is someone else responsible for that abuse: the perpetrator. And all too often, children are in the home and living with the impact. 

Domestic abuse affects us all; it thrives on being hidden behind closed doors. We must make it everybody’s business.  

For interviews or more information about domestic abuse and SafeLives: please contact Penny East, Head of Communications, on 020 7922 7891or penny.east@safelives.org.uk

For interviews or more information about Gentoo and housing: please contact Kelly Gleadow, Communications Manager, on 07900 000089 or kelly.gleadow@gentoogroup.com


About Gentoo Group

Gentoo is a housing association that owns and manages more than 29,000 homes.

They believe that by putting people first they can build great homes and create strong communities.

They are focused on delivering an outstanding service to our customers and as a responsible business, they pride themselves on inspiring people to make a difference.

They collaborate with key partners and other housing associations to influence things that affect their colleagues, customers, and society.

They are one of the largest employers in Sunderland and landlords in the North East.

For further information visit www.gentoogroup.com

Gentoo Group alongside Standing Together and Peabody set up the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA).  DAHA’s mission is to improve the housing sector’s response to domestic abuse through the introduction and adoption of an established set of standards and an accreditation process. Launched in September of 2014, DAHA embeds the best practice learned and implemented by its three founding partners and has established the first accreditation for housing providers.

For more information visit www.dahalliance.org.uk.