Domestic Abuse Matters: requirements

In order to guarantee long-term change, you will need to take into consideration the following. These requirements are to ensure this training product in accordance with the conditions set by the College of Policing licence.

  • Critical mass theory states that 75% of all first responders to domestic abuse must be trained to effect mass behavioural change.
  • Training will be delivered jointly by approved police trainers and domestic abuse experts from an evaluated trainer guide.
  • An internal communication strategy within the force area prior to delivery is vital.
  • Each training session should contain no more than 25 people who do not wear uniform for the training.
  • The delivery phase for the responders should be concluded within 3 months and Domestic Abuse Matters champions should conclude within 5 months from the start of the responder delivery. (For larger metropolitan forces, this is negotiable.)
  • Local issues and practices are factored into the training and local trainers are used alongside SafeLives trainers making it locally relevant. The force area is thereby future proofed as ongoing training can be carried out internally.


Melani Morgan

If you'd like to find out more about Domestic Abuse Matters, please get in touch. We recommend you have to hand the total number of individuals who would likely be the first to respond to an incident of domestic abuse, be it victims (external or internal), perpetrators or children. This should include:

  • all response officers,
  • PCSOs or equivalent,
  • all specials,
  • front counter staff,
  • all detectives or staff that interview and process perpetrators,
  • all front counter staff,
  • all call handlers and control room staff.