Benefits of Leading Lights

SafeLives Leading Lights status is the mark of quality for domestic abuse services and is increasingly being recognised by commissioners and funders.

Choosing Leading Lights is a way for you to:

  • Evidence the quality of your service: enabling you to make a stronger case for funding and to become commissioning ready.
  • Support your service to provide the most effective response to keep victims safe.
  • Improve morale: support staff to gain knowledge and confidence in their roles.
  • Support partnership work: enabling you to develop a better relationship with commissioners.
  • Develop consistency across different functions and sites.

Upon reaching accreditation, your service will:

  • Receive a Leading Lights accreditation logo and certificate for the service to use on all funding applications and materials.
  • Have the opportunity to contribute towards the development of the Leading Lights programme, thereby influencing DV services and the wider domestic abuse sector.
  • Form part of a network of accredited services.

There are currently more than 45 accredited Leading Lights services.

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