Take a look at some frequently asked questions below. For any other queries, please contact our Insights helpdesk.

Who can use Insights?

Insights is available to any specialist domestic abuse service which works 1-on-1 with clients to increase safety. We ask that all services using Insights risk assess clients and use safety plans.

There are currently have more than 40 services using Insights across the country who offer a range of types of interventions including Idva, outreach, advice and helpline, refuge, and Isva work. There also have a number of services collecting Insights data who work directly with children affected by domestic abuse and young people who may be in an abusive relationship themselves.

Data from all of these services forms the Insights national dataset. We use the national dataset to help services explore similarities and differences with other similar services. At SafeLives, we use the national dataset to understand ‘what works’ for victims of domestic abuse, and to influence policy and practice. 

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How is Insights different from a case management system?

The main purpose of a case management system is case-tracking, which means that these systems are flexible in terms of what can be recorded but limited in terms of reporting. As an outcomes measurement service, Insights evidences the impact that interventions have on client safety by comparing data from intake to case closure. In addition, the Insights team generates data reports at regular intervals and provides detailed interpretations through written reports and presentations, with the aim of saving service managers time and resources.

A case management system may be seen as complementary rather than equivalent to an outcomes measurement service such as Insights.

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How much does Insights cost?

Adult Insights:

  • Typically, the base cost of Insights is £6,500 p.a. +VAT

Children and young people’s Insights:

  • For voluntary organisations, we are able to offer subsidies on the full cost of Insights, meaning a voluntary service can pay as little as £1,000 p.a. +VAT.
  • For statutory organisations, the base cost of Insights is £5,000 p.a. +VAT

The final cost will depend on how long you sign up for and how many parts of your service are involved. We can send you a quote based on your requirements.

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How do I apply?

To apply or find out more, contact our Insights helpdesk.

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