Benefits of Insights

SafeLives Insights can help you to: 

  • Gain a better understanding of the risks, needs, and outcomes of victims across a whole service area and start to measure the impact and effectiveness of your interventions. 

  • Run your service more effectively – putting you in a strong position to be recommissioned 

“I believe the adult Insights supported commissioner’s decision making in extending the Court IDVA Service for a further year” 


“We have used the reports to highlight where provision is lacking for certain client groups, then used this to build a specification for the bidding process”. 


  • Demonstrate how your support has impacted on the safety, health and wellbeing of those affected by domestic abuse. This independently verified evidence will demonstrate the value of your service, promote good practice internally and externally, and highlight areas for development 


“…assisting with reporting and shows that after support families reducing the risks and also the health and well-being of families.” 


  • Engage and help develop relationships with stakeholders and multi-agency partners with our tailored reports 

  • Feed into national policy as your anonymised data will be used in our flagship policy reports. 


“we had a press release and we were able to use the % of support given to victim's and the reductions in them being safer.” 


What additional Insights modules are available? 

To complement the re-development of our core Insights tool during 2017/18 we are developing specialised modules across a series of areas.  

These will include but are not exhaustive to: 

  • Those perpetrating abuse 

  • Children and Young People 

  • Medium Risk 

  • Complex Needs 

  • Mental Health 

  • Housing 

  • Substance Misuse 

  • BAME 


  • Those staying in their relationships 

  • Recovering from the effects of abuse and rebuilding lives

Should you be interested in piloting any of the modules identified above please get in touch.

Additionally, if you would like our skilled and experienced team to assist in the development of any bespoke modules please get in touch.

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