SafeLives Idva Survey 2016

Independent Domestic Violence Advisor provision in England & Wales


We want to continue to make the case of proper Idva provision and support. The SafeLives survey is designed to establish the number of Idvas currently working and to gain insight into the professional pressures Idvas experience.

This is the third survey we have done - it is an invaluable tool to build on our knowledge and understanding of what is happening to Idva provision across England and Wales.  


Key findings: 

  • Only four police forces in England and Wales have sufficient Idvas
  • Two out of three services say they do not have access to sustainable funding
  • Half of services tell us their caseloads are unmanageable


Read the SafeLives Idva Survey 2016 report


Thanks for your support!

A big thank you to all the services who completed our Idva count survey for 2016. By working together - we can shout louder and be heard -  and make the case for sustainable, supported Idva provision across the country. 

For any queries or questions please email or call us on 0117 403 3220.