Welsh government commit funding to train domestic abuse professionals

12th December 2018

UK domestic abuse charity SafeLives and Hafan Cymru (along with other Wales based specialist partners), are delighted to announce fully-funded spaces on Welsh Government commissioned training courses for Wales-based domestic abuse professionals, including Idvas and workers in domestic abuse refuge, outreach and support.  

Each year over two million people in the UK experience domestic abuse. In Wales alone, we have seen more than a 10% increase in Marac cases year on year – these are cases where the victim is at high risk and imminent danger of serious harm or murder. Idvas and domestic abuse services play a vital role in supporting victims and their families, working with them to ensure they can go on to live a life free from fear.  

The courses are being offered as part of the Welsh Government’s commitment to the ongoing implementation of the National Training Framework for Wales on violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence.  

SafeLives Chief Executive, Suzanne Jacob said: 

“We’re so pleased to see the commitment from the Welsh government to improving the response to domestic abuse. No one should have to reach crisis point before we pay attention. Every single person at risk of abuse needs an effective, empathetic response that is tailored to their particular circumstances and helps them become safe and well in the long-term, in a way that is right for them.” 

“We know that Idvas and domestic abuse services go above and beyond every single day. Our latest Idva Insights national dataset showed that risk was reduced for nearly three quarters of clients following support from an Idva. That’s life changing, crucial support. But we know that Idvas and domestic abuse services remain over-worked and under-funded. This training is so important and we’re really looking forward to working with Hafan Cymru and partners on the delivery.” 

Hafan Cymru Chief Executive, Sian Morgan said:  

“In Wales, the Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015, supports our ambition to prevent domestic abuse and provide an effective response where it occurs. We know that domestic abuse puts high stress on both health and social care - it is a significant risk factor in many immediate and long term conditions, and a key adverse childhood experience (ACE). This training is crucial to continuing our sector development - especially for organisations who otherwise struggle to fund higher level qualifications. We are delighted to be partnering with SafeLives to deliver their specialist training.” 

About the training

This qualification is accredited by OCNLR. It enhances practical knowledge, helping services to provide the best possible support for domestic abuse victims, survivors and their children. The training is supported by relevant specialists from many different fields, including the criminal justice system, family law, child protection, sexual assault referral centres (Sarcs) and housing services. 

Block 1: 30th January - 1st February 

Block 2: 18th - 20th March 

Block 3: 15th - 17th April 

Block 4: 28th - 30th May 

This OCNLR-accredited course was developed for the Welsh Government, based on SafeLives’ established training package for service managers, and is aimed at those who lead violence against women, other forms of gender-based violence, domestic abuse and sexual violence services.  

Block 1: 4th & 5th February 

Block 2: 25th & 26th March 

About SafeLives 
We are a UK charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse, for good. We combine insights from services, survivors and statistics to support people to become safe, well and rebuild their lives. Last year alone, over 60,000 adults and 100,000 children received dedicated support from interventions we have designed with partners in the sector. 

Domestic abuse affects us all; it thrives on being hidden behind closed doors. We must make it everybody’s business.  

For more information, see our webpage on training for professionals in Wales. You can also contact the training team at training@safelives.org.uk or call 0117 403 3220.   

About Hafan Cymru 

Hafan Cymru has been supporting victims of domestic abuse for almost 30 years. We offer a diverse portfolio ranging from prevention of homelessness projects and young peoples supported accommodation to the Men’s Sheds Cymru project, which combats social isolation. Whilst we continue to remain true to our roots in domestic abuse related housing related support, we now offer domestic abuse prevention through education with our pan Wales Spectrum Schools Project and specialist support for high risk victims through our Idva services in Dyfed Powys and Conwy.