Tender opportunity: Health Pathfinder

Each year 1.9 million people in England and Wales experience some form of domestic abuse - 1.3 million women and 600,000 men. Domestic abuse is so prevalent in our society that NHS staff will be in contact with adult and child survivors, and perpetrators, across the full range of health services. 

A Cry for Health - 4 in 5

We know that four out of five victims of domestic abuse will not call the police, but almost all will use health services. In 2016 alone, just under half a million survivors accessed health services in relation to their abuse and SafeLives' data shows that nearly a quarter (23%) of survivors experiencing the highest risk of harm went to A&E because of acute physical injuries in the last year. In addition to A&E, nearly half (46%) of all survivors experiencing high risk domestic abuse visited their GP in the 12 months prior to receiving support from domestic abuse services. 

The mental and physical health consequences of domestic abuse mean that the NHS spend more time dealing with the impact of domestic abuse than almost any other sector, and is often the first point of contact for victims and children. The cost of domestic abuse to health services has been calculated at £1.73 billion (with mental health costs estimated at an additional £176 million). 

Health Pathfinder

Health Pathfinder is an exciting new initiative funded by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and the Department of Health and Social Care. It aims to reduce inconsistencies in the health response to domestic abuse, improve awareness and understanding, and create best practice in supporting people experiencing domestic abuse and the wider links to Violence Against Women and Girls. 

It is being delivered by a consortium of SafeLives, Against Violence and Abuse (AVA), Imkaan, IRISi and Standing Together Against Domestic Violence (STADV). The consortium will work with eight Local Authority and Care Commissioning groups across England until March 2020. 

Tender opportunity

We're excited to be looking for applications from independent evaluators to undertake a dynamic and rigorous evaluation of outcomes achieved in the sites. The evaluation will assess the effectiveness of the Pathfinder interventions and the overall systematic change it can create for those seeking support for domestic abuse in a health setting. 

Submissions for this tender opportunity have now closed. We'll be in touch soon with further information. Interviews will take place the week beginning 17th December. 

Please contact pmo@safelives.org.uk with with any questions or queries.

Read the Health Pathfinder Evalutation FAQs. For any futher queries, please contact pmo@safelives.org.uk

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